Custom Applications

Custom Sizes: 

SOLUT! offers comprehensive in-house design and prototyping capabilities to help you develop the right packaging SOLUT!ion for your application. You can't fit a round peg in a square hole, so why force your product to fit a stock package if it doesn't fit? We want to work with you from concept to production to provide creative, cost-effective and sustainable alternatives to meet your needs from custom bakeware to food trays.

Custom Printing:

Our thermoformed corrugated paperboard materials enable a wide range of custom printing opportunities. We offer the unique ability to enhance your brands catering program or retail product offerings. From full coverage, full color registered prints to single solid colors or one-color logos, we can help you implement creative, brand enhancing ideas.

Custom Materials:

Our unique process enables us to combine a wide variety of paperboard materials and functional coatings to achieve the look, cost, and performance for your specific application. Need a tray that can handle 10lbs of chicken wings ... no problem. Need more release for your brownie batter after baking ... no problem. Need a sustainable meat tray that can handle three freeze/thaw cycles ... no problem. Call us with your unique requirements and we'll work with you to make a SOLUT!ion that works!

Custom packaging often requires tooling investments and minimum order quanitites, and are best suited for larger volume opportunities. Please call to further discuss.